Every Sunday at 08:15 and 10:00.


Casual Worship Service

8:15 AM in Ludder Fellowship Hall

This service features updated music with keyboard and percussion, and language that reflects modern usage.  Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday.  The service typically lasts around 45 minutes.


Traditional Worship Service

10:00 AM in the Sanctuary

Full choir and powerful organ music set a majestic tone for the traditional service.  The style is somewhat more formal than the early service.  Holy Communion is celebrated on the first and third Sundays, and the service typically lasts around an hour.

We practice open communion at Christ the King.

All are welcome at the Lord's table.


Festival and Occasional Worship Opportunities

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship is held each year on December 24 at  6:00PM(Family Service), 8:00PM and 10:00PM (Adult Choir and Brass)

Easter Worship is at 6:30AM (Outdoor Sunrise), 9:00AM and 11:00AM (Choir and Brass)

In addition, throughout the year there are occasional special services and worship series.  An example is the Wednesday Night Lenten Supper/Worship series.


The importance of regular worship

Worship is where all roads meet: the community gathers to be filled with the promises of God and sent to share that love throughout the week. Worship is both a privilege and a responsibility.  It’s true that God is present everywhere and not only in a worship service…and yet, we believe regular worship is important.  For it is in worship that we hear God’s word and are filled with God’s promises through the sacraments; it is in worship that we gather with a community of believers to find strength and common mission; it is in worship that we are renewed for a life of loving service to others.