One Time Donation

Follow this link to Christ the King's online giving page.

Why We Give

One of the ways we can grow in our relationship with God is through financial giving.  We believe that all that we have belongs to God and that we are stewards, or caretakers of the wealth entrusted to us.  By making offerings to God through the church, not only do we support its ministries, but also, we acknowledge God as giver of all.  We find joy in giving, as it reminds us of our dependence upon God as it expresses our gratitude to God for all we have been given.

Just as we commit to regular worship and serving, we are invited to make a commitment to regular giving.  This is often described as a “pledge.”  

To Set Up Recurring Donations

The program “Simply Giving” is an easy method for ensuring you fulfill your pledge.  It is an automatic withdrawal from your checking account, in an amount and a frequency that you decide.   It can be changed or cancelled at any time.  To learn more about “Simply Giving” click here.