May 14 - Finding Nurture

Focus Texts

Isaiah 41:9b-10

Psalm 23

Questions for Discussion

  • When you had a bad day growing up, what helped you to feel better?  What helps you now?
  • What’s kinds of activities are rejuvenating and renewing to you? 
  • Are you the type that needs to have things “in place” to feel comfortable, or do you prefer “happy chaos?”
  •  Where do you draw strength from—people, places, things…or a combination thereof?  Describe the sources in your life.
  • What makes you feel safe, and what does this have to do with nurture?
  • Where, and with whom, did you experience “nurture” in your formative years?  Describe what was nurturing about it.
  • What attitude do we need to assume, in order to be nurtured?
  • What are the gifts that come from feeling nurtured, and what are the possible risks when one lacks a nurturing space?
  • For whom do you provide a nurturing, life-giving space?  How do you do that, and how has it changed over the years if it’s a long term relationship?
  • How can we find nurture from our relationship with God?