The tragic sense of life

Scott and I are extremely grateful to you all for the level of open sharing from the group in our life graphs.  Therein starts healing if needed.  Please remember to honor the community of trust and sharing that is forming by following the "Vegas" rule. 

Consider this chapter 4 quote: "Everytime God forgives us, God is saying that God's own rules do not matter as much as the relationship that God wants to create with us."

    What does that tell you about God?

    If God treats everyone (including you) this way, what thoughts does that generate about how you should treat others?         Yourself?

Sometimes we seem to focus on the "rules" and holding others and ourselves to perfection.  In Matt 5:48 Jesus talks about being "perfect" as your heavenly father is "perfect" - the Greek word used here - teleios - does not mean without mistakes or flawless but COMPLETE, full grown - having gone through the necessary stages to reach one's aim - kind of like the old pirate's telescope extending one stage at a time to full magnification or capacity.  Jesus makes this statement in the context of loving your enemies in the Sermon on the Mount - God loves the righteous, unrighteous, and enemies.

In examining the "contents" of your life, what are some heavy things that you could leave behind as you enter the second half of life?