The graph of our lives

I hope your journey through “Falling Upwards” is rewarding.  This Sunday is sort of “open mic” Sunday – we have been working through the reflections to get to the point of being able to chart the graph of our lives.  Please do this reflection and bring it to class to individually present/discuss – try not to go more than 5 minutes presenting to give everyone a chance and there will be more time spent discussing.  I have copied this fourth reflection below:

4. Draw a graph of your life by identifying trigger points (that indicate the choices you have made that have led to where you are now)—both high points and low points, including those times when you “fell upward,” when you failed or lost. The points could designate relationships, decisions about education, moves, travel—just about anything that is significant in determining the course of your life. Connect them on a timeline. Reflect:

  • What do the dots represent?
  • Which ones made the most difference in your life?
  • Were there points that at the time seemed to be failures or losses?
  • What lessons can you take from the choices you made?
  • How can those lessons help you make choices from this point forward?
  • In examining the "contents" of your life, what are some heavy things that you could leave behind as you enter the second half of life?

My “suggestion” is below on how you might do this is below but it is only that – feel free to do it the way it works best for you.  I plan on placing points on the graph with a note about the significant events and walk through the reflection.  Some decades may be more filled than others etc – so expand that period, it’s not a real graph but a picture.  “Magnitude” (+1 to -1) is not important but you can assign one if you feel like it.  You will have to draw your own graph anyway. You may not have any events that you consider “negative” (or low points) in your life – lucky you.  But most of us have high and low points.

This is an opportunity to share your reflections to date through the graph.  Obviously it is not required but if people don’t come prepared you will get 45 minutes of the graph of my life which won’t be pretty OR interesting!  If you have questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.
See you Sunday
-- Phil