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Detail depicting  Averroes , who addressed the omnipotence paradox in the 12th century, from the 14th-century  Triunfo de Santo Tomás  by  Andrea da Firenze (di Bonaiuto) .

Detail depicting Averroes, who addressed the omnipotence paradox in the 12th century, from the 14th-century Triunfo de Santo Tomás by Andrea da Firenze (di Bonaiuto).

Embracing Questions

Let's face it, life is a mix of blessings and struggles. It ranges from simple and straightforward, to challenging, to downright difficult and complex. As Lutheran Christians, we understand these various seasons as part of the mystery of life.  At Christ the King we celebrate with God and each other those times of joy and fullness, yet we do not shrink away from the hard questions and complicated parts of our spiritual journeys. In the tradition of Lutheran Christianity, we embrace paradox: we are simultaneously both sinners and saints; we find abundant life when we give ourselves to others; we are subject to the demands of God and also freed by God’s grace, which promises love, forgiveness, and abundant life.  As a community of faith we seek to find God in all of life, and look for God’s comforting presence even amidst uncomfortable, difficult, or intractable questions.  

Unattributed stained galss photograph from  Internet Monk .

Unattributed stained galss photograph from Internet Monk.

Time After Pentecost    

The current Liturgical season is called the Time After Pentecost, also known as “Ordinary Time.” This is the longest season of the Church Year, starting after Pentecost and not ending until the beginning of the Season of Advent. In this Season, we focus on what we are to do in the world today in response to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus long after the works of the early Christian Church as described in Acts and the Epistles. In other words, in this season, we turn our focus to living the Gospel each day in our ordinary lives.

This Season after Pentecost is not “ordinary” in any way. We celebrate and focus on how we might continue the work of Jesus through us, his people. As Jesus' disciples, with the aid and comfort of the Holy Spirt and each other, we strive toward spreading the Good News of the resurrected Christ. We seek to live by Christ's example, serving and loving our neighbors, striving for justice and peace, and living in right relationship with God and others.


rouault's "Christ and the Apostles," photogrsphed by  Ben Sutherland

rouault's "Christ and the Apostles," photogrsphed by Ben Sutherland

 Reformation 500

 What Next?

The year long observance of the 500th anniversary of The Reformation has past.  ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton has challenged all to consider, "what happens on October 32nd?"  In other words, now that we have marked this important occasion with expressions of partnership and dialogue, how will we  live into the future?  

May the spirit of ecumenism and mutual respect continue, not just with our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic church, but across all denominational lines.  May we enter into relationship with other faith traditions and discover those truths we share in common.  May we find ways to be see Christ in our neighbor, and be Christ to our neighbor, on "October 32nd" and beyond. 



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We are located in the village of Pinecrest in a beautiful park-like setting across from Pinecrest Gardens.

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